Highlights from China Nite, Rutgers’ fashion-theater extravaganza. 

For the lovers.

Shoutout for dannmadness for tech and shooting assistance!

Tricia, un autre jardin. 

Remember, the best light comes out at sunset.

Fisherman’s horizon.

I don’t always eat powdered donuts with tea but when I do… uh. I do.

Fog is a wonderful texture.

Rags on rags on rags.

The voodoo scarf vendor.

Second place in his division. But with that smile, you’d think he’d won first. 

Here’s to oblivion. May all apocalypse predictions be abysmally wrong.

Before I picked up a camera and went all photo-geek, I used to breakdance. Quite frequently actually. It was a time of my life when I thought being on the outside looked cool, and spinning on a floor raised my attractiveness levels to astronomical heights.

Oh, the things an actual relationship will teach you.

I don’t dance as much as I used to but it’s refreshing to watch the real enthusiasts go at it. Breakdancing is a language as universal as music. It’s aggressive, artistic, and oddly political.

And it’s a part of me I’ll never forget.