Response: in NYC, this will not help you.

Fall weather and hookah—oh, the excitement.

In honor of Autumn’s onset, I present to you a shot from “The Four Seasons" collection. The Four Seasons is a photo gallery personifying the four seasons—Winter, Fall, Summer, and Spring—as fashion-forward sisters.

This diptych is Autumn, as portrayed by the lovely Erin D.

There’s enough light to make out the shape of her face and therefore enough light to navigate the outlines of her eye. To an onlooker, she is putting on mascara but to the trained eye, she is solving a puzzle, using the nearby window for clues. Insight. And I’m astounded she—fiddling with the cosmetic Rubik’s cube—knows that the answer isn’t too far.

I’m positive most children are unaware of marriage’s drastic importance. Someday they will, and I imagine most fathers dread the day when princess grows up to rule over her own kingdom.

Love affair for comic books + weddings = this triptych. Superpowers not included.

My parakeets: Albatross and Blue Bird. They’re loud as all hell but I love them to death.

She reminded me of Cinderella, a woman armed with purpose and a deadline. Her hands shook as the clock pumped adrenaline into her bloodstream. That moment was coming.

She took a deep breath and made her way to the altar.

I pray we never forget our sense of curiosity. Anticipation and fear lend value to the future. Without that value, we are simply drones.

Tricia, dans un jardin.

Still from Leslie Hubilla’s concept video “Believer’s Anonymous.”

Special thanks to the awesome Steve Holloway for inviting me to help!

Caution: smoldering-eyes. 


He wasn’t.

If only the general public knew how hard it is to do this.