In spite of all the fast food I consume, I dream of brighter days when my fridge opens up and these little guys are smiling back at me.

Because these wraps make Taco Bell look pedestrian.

There is a line that separates boys from men, and two profound words bridge the gap. I watched as he stood at its border, crying his eyes out, probably wondering why no one would hand him a tissue. 

Then five minutes later, she said “I do” and suddenly we were all crying.

Deep inside our cyborg minds and smart phone’d lives is a heart that will always yearn for nature, a civility that will always favor fresh air and wandering steps to the glow of an electronic screen. I hope we never forget our humanity because when we do, we will forget what dirty jeans feel like and how calming silence can be. 

The tragedy is forgetting how to live simply in such a complex world.

I love the way Jersey City has been changing throughout the years. Like pearls in a seashell, the rundown warehouses of Marin Boulevard are slowly unveiling million dollar condos. Today, this scene looks like a rail-yard; in five years it will be a bustling residential vein. The hippies will be replaced by yuppies and that utility van will trade its skin for a Porsche.

All cities have a history, you know? It just takes a while to see it.

Featuring: @aishazamm.

I have an affinity for 60w light bulbs that outshines their actual output. They’re metaphors for human ingenuity and in more unique cases, they’re great for bar fights when a bottle of whiskey isn’t at hand.

(Though you probably shouldn’t rely on it for protection.)

Regardless, this is what I see when I look at a light bulb. In an ideal world, they glow without a shell.

A salute to our creative group Thinkblot Media. Light bulb composited from image at CameraCraniums.

The lovely Miss Mai. 

…because it’s mandatory. Every metro/NJ photographer needs this shot.

Negimaki with a twist and soup with a sprout, c/o @tanglebox.

This hipster monkey is up to no good.

Sneak-peak with ThinkBlot Media.


This photo is dedicated to Aisha Lopez, core member and creative center of ThinkBlot Media. In one week, Aisha will be returning to California for several months to finish up another school semester, ergo leaving a Titanic-sized chasm in our hearts. 

While I have never seen her draw in person, I imagine it looks like this—other worldly, ethereal, and beyond herself in so many ways. Her talent is inconceivable and it’s fun to think that she sketches in this way, from angles that very few of us can see, let alone comprehend. 

Thanks to the power of the Interwebs, her activity in TBM will remain strong and we hope you will continue to follow our projects! We’re going full-coastal with this movement!

You need only to Think Big.

Here’s to you!

Miss Olivia Mode-Cater. Répéter, danser.