If you look at the origins of this relationship, you’d come to understand that this romance is a once-in-a-lifetime anomaly, brought to fruition by a god with a crude sense of humor and impeccably good timing. From a horrendous first impression, to awkward Facebook conversations, to impromptu photoshoots—she and I are still baffled by the conditions under which our romance has managed to thrive. 

But when we sit next to each other and interlock hands in 23 degree weather, the madness leading up to this point sort of just makes sense. Not in the mathematical probability sort-of-sense, or in the way that common-sense-is-actually-really-relative sense. It makes sense in the way that midday-lunches-with-her-are-far-more-comforting-than-actual-sleep-itself sense.

Because I dream better when the tea is Earl Grey and the packet of sugar is her smile.

Cheesecake bites by Ann!

Special thanks to Razorsharp Barbershop & Shave Parlor for hosting this awesome taste test! Check ‘em out and support your local businesses!

-Incants- with @mintykiss

Strolling through Wonderland. 

Models: Aeryn and Grace.

Bubble wrapped. Special thanks to the lovely Erin.

This is me, those are my friends, and we have beautiful heads.

Intensity personified.

You have no idea how many times we crossed the street for this shot.

Styling by Jeanne L!

Another fisherman’s horizon.

My friends are cheery.

Beauty and the Beast style proposal. Props to my good friend and fellow photographer Kyle Bialick for inviting me to shoot this paramount moment.

It was an honor, good sir. You’ve inspired me to be just as wild when I pop the question myself to that lucky lady.

Highlights from China Nite, Rutgers’ fashion-theater extravaganza.